About CK


We have found that consumers struggle when it comes to deciding how to start the process of designing/building their dream home or remodeling their existing one.  With social media the way it is today the first avenue consumer's check is the internet.  They look to find the perfect floor plan or blueprint of a home they feel is perfect for them, but then struggle to find something that fits all their needs.  Then they purchase a set of blueprints that end up being only some of what they were looking for.  The next step is to find someone to make the changes to the prints so they can customize it into their dreams.  In the end we found that consumers spent more time and money on prints that are not really what they envisioned and end up frustrated.  We can offer a solution.

We are proud to announce CK Engineered Home Designs, Inc. a new business to the Carroll area and surrounding communities.  We realized the needs and struggles of soon to be homeowners and are ready to help them bring their dream home to life.  With an Engineer and licensed Contractor on staff we have 30 + years of combined experience to help the consumer achieve the result they want the first time.  We ask a few questions and then are on our way to designing the new home, commercial structure, remodel or addition they are seeking.

Clint Daniel

Licensed Contractor/Design

Kevin Simons

Licensed Engineer

Michell Simons